Yes, of course, we love puppies and babies…

Yes, of course, we love puppies and babies…but we don’t take pictures of them for a living. We shoot Real Estate, Construction, Businesses and other buildings and structures/landscapes. Our entire office set up and work-flow focus is on doing the very best job of imaging your subject and editing those images into captivating and interesting pictures that do the job they were meant to do.

If it’s Real Estate, our job is to help you get calls for showings. We do everything we can to make the photos stand out without being over-edited into over-saturated, over-sharpened drawings.  And while we try to make the most interesting and artistic photos possible, we still are there to help you make the phone ring. If it’s priced right and the pictures look good, you’ll get showings.

If it’s Construction, our job is to provide an accurate picture of what the site and structure look like. Not some tarted up artificial painting, but a realistic and accurate image showing the client what they need to see.

If it’s images of your business, or what your business builds, we are there to provide crisp, clear images, whether it’s video or stills.


So, while we do loves babies and puppies, you’ll need to go someplace else for those shots. But if you need clear, accurate, and crisp photos of the above subjects, HawkEye is here for you.