Winter is Coming – Do you have a plan for a home that is For Sale?

It is hard enough to sell your home. It is even harder when the weather makes it difficult to keep your home looking great for potential buyers when you live in a climate that sees all four seasons.

Leaves all over the place make it look messy and make for potential slip and fall dangers on your walkways and patios. Snow and Ice are also a big contributor to sip and fall. And a good snow can make it impossible to show your home unless… have a plan for snow removal and ice treatment.

Have your yard guy (it may be you!) keep the fallen leaves bagged and removed on a regular basis. You do not have the luxury of letting them pile up. No big piles at the curb if you can help it. You don’t want buyers to think about maintenance when they should be admiring the killer staging job you did in the living room!

Have a plan for snow! This cannot be stressed enough. Get you shovels and blower ready…or hire a service to handle your snow. And use SALT or CALCIUM on your walkways and driveway. Salt for asphalt is fine, but use a calcium product on pavers and concrete. Completely clear the snow from drives and sidewalks and porches. Not just in the front. Take care of your backyard patio area, also.

Buyers want to walk into ideal conditions when they visit your home. Don’t disappoint!!!