Drone Photo Scheduling 101

Drone Photo Scheduling 101- WHEN you take drone photos is one of the main considerations when looking for a good result.

We obsess about angles and subjects and loose items in the frame, but the most important consideration when scheduling and taking drone shots is that it needs to be as nice as possible outside. Sure, we can put in a different sky and all that, but nothing beats a beautiful day.

And the time of day is important, too. We want the sun behind the camera. It is never a good plan to shoot early in the day with harsh light and hazy skies. It is best for higher altitudes to shoot with a midday sun. Later day sun is great for lower altitude shots.

WHY you need drone photos – Nothing replaces that 30 foot high front shot to really highlight the beauty of a home. So, even if your property isn’t close to the water, you should have great drone photos. It shows the neighborhood, the property perimeter, the pool and/or yard area, and proximity to local attractions.

AND… your clients LOVE drone photos. Their neighbor down the street has them, so why don’t they? Well, the answer is: “Of course we’re doing drone photos. I’ve got HawkEye coming to do your shoot and they will handle them for us along with the interior and exterior shots”. See? Simple.

So make sure you think drone photos when you think listing pictures. It only adds about 30 dollars to any of our photos packages.