Welcome to HawkEye Media Group!

HawkEye specializes in aerial drone and ground photography, as well as videography for a wide range of industries. We provide solutions for Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Architects, Engineers, Construction Companies, Commercial and Residential Builders, as well as private individuals.
We work out of Brick, NJ as a local business, focused on the needs of our clients. As a central New Jersey based company with FAA-Certificated photographers and incredible office support, we are able to get your shoot booked and serviced quickly and professionally. Many of our clients arrange for our services and do not accompany us to the location, as they know and trust that we will be punctual, appropriately attired, and ready to prepare the subject property for the very best imaging results.
HawkEye offers editing and compilation services, providing our customers with professional, polished presentations.  Our photography will show the subject in its' best and most advantageous light, and video productions can include soaring soundtracks and voice-overs.
Aerial Photos and Video

Still photos and motion video taken from above and all around your property. This shows the home from a perspective that can not be captured with ground photo photography. This is a great way to showcase an amazing location.

High-Resolution Photos

Our still photos are taken using high-resolution cameras equipped with wide angle lenses; this helps to show the size of any room. After each shoot, our photos are edited to ensure they are well-lit and unblemished.

HD Video

Our video cameras are all mechanically stabilized to ensure smooth, consistent, high quality video. Every video comes with a soundtrack and options to add titles, branding and verbiage throughout.